Structural Engineering, Roads and Public Utility Systems

image003Beyond the elegance and functionality of a building, what makes the difference in time is its structural compliance. We believe in work done with passion, responsibility, with attention to detail. Our projects take into account each functional, technical and economic aspect, which enables us deliver complete and sustainable solutions, optimized for structural frames.

We work with architects and builders in order to develop sustainable solutions for a wide range projects of all types, sizes and levels of complexity. We combine expertise, strategic thinking and creativity of our team with advanced software to optimize the design process. We are constantly striving to find the best balance between the requirements in terms of shape, functionality, sustainability, time and budget.

To ensure that our structural frames fully meet the safety and stability requirements, we identify and calculate both static and dynamic loads acting upon the building and at the end, after a careful examination of each detail, we determine the sizes and dimensions of elements that make up the structural frame.

Also, we prepare in detail (by stage, phase and operation) the technological schemes aimed at calculating the structural frame, we calculate the time of construction and prepare the construction and assembly timetables.


We carry out both underground and surface structural engineering projects (metro, road tunnels, overpasses, pedestrian passageways, parking facilities, civil, industrial or social-administrative engineering), building reports, structural analysis, monitoring of planned works under construction.

Last but not least, another key objective in our work is environment protection, both throughout the construction and operation of the building, and ensuring easy and cost-effective maintenance of the planned structural frame.

During its more than 40 years’ experience, Metroul SA has developed an impressive portfolio that stands as a proof of our managerial and technical capacity in carrying out projects in various fields.

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Public Utility Systems

Utility systems play a strategic role for human civilization, essential in economic and social development, whether water supply, sewerage, natural gas, district heating, electricity, telecommunication, net city or public lighting systems.

In the context of a growing need for sustainable and modern infrastructure, we provide integrated solutions where attention to details, process optimization and care for the environment are instrumental.

The scope of our activity is the preparation of technical documentations for all design stages – prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, tender documentations – for expansion and/or replacement of water supply and sewerage systems, preparation of public utility system (pre)coordination plans for the performance of underground and surface construction works.

Our team made up of dedicated experts specialised in designing of water supply, sewerage, sludge treatment, wastewater treatment and pumping stations, possessing extensive knowledge in the field of engineering and legislation that enables us deliver accurate and high-quality results.

retele-edilitare2We undertake comprehensive projects, at a high technical and qualitative level, such as:

design of water supply and sewerage systems;

treatment plants;

design of wastewater treatment plants;

drinking water pumping plants;

rehabilitation and upgrading of water supply and sewerage systems;

relocation of utility systems for site clearing purposes prior to the development of underground and surface facilities;

preparation of technical documentations aimed at obtaining the zoning certificate and planning permission;

preparation of technical documentations for tenders;

preparation of technical documentations for the implementation of water and sewerage systems;

Technical assistance throughout the performance of works.

All design activities are prepared using the most modern software programmes (AutoCAD Civil 3D, Hydra and Canalis) which enables us to meet tight deadlines at superior quality.

The team involved in the performance of projects is adapted in order to meet the requirements of each particular project.
The projects we undertake are carried out in such a manner to ensure that the end result meets the highest requirements and standards in terms of both content and presentation of the project.

Transport Infrastructure Planning

Transport infrastructure is a key component of modern life, ensuring an efficient operation of both economic and social activities.
Thanks to our multi-disciplinary and effective approach, we prepare transport infrastructure investment projects, covering a wide range of categories of infrastructure projects and project management services:

road infrastructure (rehabilitation, modernisation, constructions for urban roads, vertical planning);

underground and surface parkings and passageways/flyovers;

rail urban transport infrastructure (metro, light rail, tram);

urban road traffic regulation plans (including during the performance of infrastructure works);

route geometry planning (longitudinal and cross-cut sections) and geo-referencing of ancillary works related to underground and surface urban infrastructure;

identification and simulation of the route of both road and rail vehicles.

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