Our company has implemented and certified an integrated quality, environment, health, occupational safety and social responsibility management system, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA8000 standards.

Management Policy on Integrated Management System
(Quality-Environment-Health and Occupational Safety)

METROUL S.A., specialized in engineering and consultancy services, operates for more than 40 years. We have designed the entire Bucharest metro system, as well as complex engineering, industrial and public urban projects of social importance.

Our management policy , at the highest level of our organisation, regarding the (quality-environment-health and occupational safety) – functional, efficient and effective in our organization – is designed as an unconditional commitment for:

Increasing customer satisfaction, by providing products and services of superior quality, compliant with contract specifications and provisions;

Ensuring infrastructure requirements, work environment, monitoring and measuring equipment and, as the case may be, individual work and safety equipment needed in order to perform products/services in accordance with specified and inherent requirements;

Meeting requirements and continued improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System;

Complying with legal requirements and other applicable requirements regarding quality, environmental issues and own OH&S hazards to which our organization has adhered;

Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources;

Identifying, as soon as possible, hazards that may arise in terms of occupational health and safety;

Complying with social responsibility requirements, with national laws and other applicable regulations, compliance with international instruments and interpretation thereof in terms of social responsibility;

Developing a sense of reliability within the organization both at decision-makers’ level and among staff;

Setting appropriate methods of communication and consultancy aimed at involving our entire staff in maintanining and continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System, including by stimulating initiatives in the field of social responsibility;

Conducting an analysis on a regular basis aimed at ensuring that the policy remains relevant and appropriate for our organization;

Ensuring an adequate framework for setting and analysing the objectives (related to quality, environmental, OH&S and social responsibility);

Communicating and understanding the policy both within our organisation and by the public and interested parties.

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