Research – Innovation

cercetare-inovareResearch and innovation has been a constant concern since the establishment of our company in order to identify both aspects that need to be strengthened and perfectible aspects.

The need to find viable and innovative solutions in order to achieve the specific conditions of the Bucharest metro has paved the way for participation in several research projects.

Specific areas, such as corrosion protection of underground tunnels, construction subsidence monitoring, infrastructure protection against stray currents, reduction of sound and vibration pollution of the metro system, etc., have contributed to the metro operational performance and have increased safety.

Areas related to the mobility field, such as accessibility and safety of public transport and road infrastructure, have been addressed in recent years in partnerships with universities and traditional companies.

The tradition of the above-mentioned activities, better training and the expertise of our specialists, combined with the ability of to work as a team and the international partnerships are strengths that enable the company to participate in projects with both national and European funding.

Support for both pre-competitive and competitive research, promotion of innovative ideas, as well as provision with the latest software equipment are all part of our company’s development policy.

Completed Research Themes:

Study on effects of electromagnetic radiations of metro specific equipment

Study of corrosion condition of precast reinforced concrete linings inside metro tunnels

Study and solutions regarding feasibility of track circuits for metro type cm

Non-conventional methods of following-up metro underground facilities

Constructive and functional improvement of axial bearing for metro trainsets

Study on water seepage in underground facilities using finished element modeling

Pilot project for the modern management of urban public transport in Drumul Taberei neighbourhood

Hydrogeological study on effects of ongoing metro works upon the natural dynamics of ground water

Study on metro detection and alarm systems in case of a major earthquake in Vrancea region

Fire safety inside the metro system

Information system aimed at increasing operational safety of metro electromechanical systems

Study on sound and vibration damping inside the metro system

Methods of identifying the rolling track electric insulation

Development of disabled passenger facilities in the metro system

Complex electric safety and protection system against corrosive effect of stray currents of reinforced concrete structures inside Bucharest metro system

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