Public-Private Partnership

In the context of an economic crisis which tests the capacity of public budgets to collect sufficient financial resources needed to development, applying and integrating public private partnerships as a solution aimed at supporting and developing gains an essential strategic importance.

image001Public-private partnerships provide the economic operators the possibility, both locally and worldwide, of cooperating with local and state authorities, by providing solutions within highly complex projects and to make connections between the state, local community and investors.

Public-private partnerships combine abilities and resources from both the public and private sector, by sharing risks and responsibilities. This allows governments to benefit of the expertise of the public sector and ensures that they focus instead on the policy, planning and regulation by delegating day-to-day operations.

Aside from providing specialised consultancy regarding the PPP procedures within all fields of activity, compliance with various administrative procedures, project structuring and implementation, Metroul SA aims at becoming a genuine support for the public administration and private environment as regards the management of public-private partnerships.

image002Our expertise includes: rehabilitation projects and/or development or road infrastructure, development of public transport infrastructure and providing consultancy and assistance regarding administration of legal relations established within the entire structure.

Each project consists of specific legal, financial and applicability elements, which are assessed and evaluated based on complexity and specific context.

Through practice we have come to a point where our expertise, knowledge, capacity and thorough understanding of both Romanian and EU legislation enable us provide legal assistance, financial, institutional and technical consultancy, so that together with our client we can overcome any obstacle that may arise during project performance.

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