Transport Infrastructure Planning

Transport infrastructure is a key component of modern life, ensuring an efficient operation of both economic and social activities.
Thanks to our multi-disciplinary and effective approach, we prepare transport infrastructure investment projects, covering a wide range of categories of infrastructure projects and project management services:

road infrastructure (rehabilitation, modernisation, constructions for urban roads, vertical planning);

underground and surface parkings and passageways/flyovers;

rail urban transport infrastructure (metro, light rail, tram);

urban road traffic regulation plans (including during the performance of infrastructure works);

route geometry planning (longitudinal and cross-cut sections) and geo-referencing of ancillary works related to underground and surface urban infrastructure;

identification and simulation of the route of both road and rail vehicles.

Land Register and Topography

Our activity involves cooperation with other engineers, architects and developers to enable us define the land borders and to provide essential support to urban development and large infrastructure projects.
We take into consideration the vital role of each process in the preparation of the final solution, regardless if we deal with defining the solution for the task received, preparing the layout plan, preparing the cross/longitudinal sections or transposing all the other projects in the coordinate system.

image002Through attention to details, dedication and professionalism of our specialists, and thanks to the modern technology used (from total stations to GPS/GNSS equipment), we have succeeded in providing measurable results and solutions, which meet the rising demand of the market for such services.

We carry out the following types of works: land register and real estate registration, engineering (routes, land surveys, geographic information systems GIS), identification of expropriation corridors and topographic studies aimed at preparing the master plan (PUG), local land use plan (PUZ), land use plan (PUD) and technical documentation for planning permission (DTAC). Each of the above activities is performed using Leica equipment (total stations and levels) and L1/L2 Trimble dual frequency GPS/GNSS-RTK systems that feature a wide array of planimetric and altimetric details: constructions, roads, public urban utility systems, contours, etc. dtac

Our field teams are supervised by experienced engineers with expertise in the field of land surveying. Data processing is carried out by qualified specialists with higher education only, who possess extensive knowledge of databases.