More than 40 years ago, on February 3, 1975, through Decree no. 15, Întreprinderea Metroul București was established, having as its scope of activity designing and developing a metro line in the city of Bucharest.

In 1991, the conception and coordination part of Întreprinderea Metroul București has become Metroul S.A. Our team has continued on with notable results the tradition of engineering and constructions in this endeavour challenge of developing the first metro lines in Bucharest.

The four decades of operation that we have recently celebrated are a turning point in the history of underground engineering in Romania.

Our motto, “Planning the Future”, reflects, thanks to the expertise we gained in over 40 years of operation the essential principle of our services. In our daily activity we focus not just on providing high-quality services, but also we value the needs of our clients.

We have successfully managed to overcome all obstacles and became a leader in Romanian engineering. We have thus gained the trust of our local clients and have consolidated an important area of cooperation in Europe.

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