Geotechnics and Hydrogeology

Based on the natural complex conditions of each location, from a technical, economic and environmental perspective, the environment friendliest structural solutions can be developed only by taking into account the accuracy of data related to the geotehnic and hydrogeologic characteristics of the foundation soil.

The Geotechnics and Hydrogeology field is an essential stage which is instrumental to structural and architectural engineering, regardless of the structure type.

The diversity of the geotechnic works carried out by our Geotechnics and Hydrogeology Department makes us one of the very few Romanian engineering companies capable of optimising structural solutions of projects commissioned by clients through the design brief.

The shared use of locations designed for metro, with underground or surface structures belonging to public or civil use, is possible only through an accurate assessment carried out by experienced specialists possessing an extensive expertise acquired throughout decades of engineering activity.

Below are a few illustrative aspects regarding specialisation in the field of metro-related geotechnical works where our specialists were successfully involved:

 Geotechnical planning (including ccomprehensive geotechnical and hydrogeological studies) of more than 80 km underground structures (ring-shaped and rectangular-shaped metro tunnels) in difficult hydrogeologic conditions, given that such facilities are virtually submerged;

Checking and appraisal of geotechnical projects related to structures requiring in urban environment excavations deeper than 3 m, geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations;

image004 Geotechnical design of foundation soil improvement works in case of lead-throughs of existing facilities, Dâmbovița/Colentina river works, road infrastructure and platforms;

 Hydrogeological design of dewatering systems that have created the conditions for dry construction of metro underground works (stations, galleries, tunnels);

 Planning of high depth wells to ensure water supply of metro underground works;

Planning of complex monitoring works aimed at mitigating the effects of underground structural engineering works upon vicinities and particularly upon humans;

Preparation of documentations needed in order to obtain environmental water management approvals and permits;

All in situ investigations, geotechnical tests and laboratory testing are carried out using our own equipment and personnel.

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