Complex Installations, Traffic Automation and Security System Design

Complex Installations

Installations have a strategic importance in the life of various buildings, supporting human activities and having a major impact upon the quality of life.

Taking into account existing resources and costs and with a careful examination of each functional, technical, economic and environmental detail, we develop projects for a wide array of specialties in a flexible, complex and well-structured system: low and high voltage, power supply, remote power control, filter ventilation and air conditioning, sanitation, mechanic (elevators, civil defence gates), electric systems, catenary, both for underground and surface systems. All the above-mentioned documentations are in accordance with our design strategy in the fields of underground or surface public urban transport infrastructure, underground urban infrastructure, industrial civil and social-administrative civil engineering.

The Complex Installations Department avails of staff with a solid professional background, experienced and motivated by past accomplishments and current prospects. We are a young team, bringing forth new ideas, we stay up to date with the latest changes and developments in our field, thus aiming at satisfying our clients through high-quality services and creative spirit.

Through strategic thinking and teamwork, the ”turn-key” projects that we deliver in a full package of systems are effective and feasible solutions from both a technical and financial perspective, in line with the most modern projects carried out worldwide.

Our department provides an integrated package of services, starting with technical consultancy and assistance for all design stages. We provide modern solutions for mean and low voltage electric and power supply systems, control and monitoring through SCADA remote power control systems – automation and control/supervision and BMS of low voltage power supply and distribution systems.

We are able to quickly respond to all client needs through feasible solutions in terms of quality and price by selecting the best ambient and industrial lighting routes as well as systems and routes of filter ventilation, cooling and plumbing routes, always providing the desired solution, adapted to client needs.

Also, we are able to meet the needs of our existing and prospective clients through a diverse offer in terms of solutions of system routes and equipment procurement. Our mission is to provide each client with the best equipment procurement solution as regards the technical operating parameters, with an optimised dimension and location.


Automation and Low Voltage Currents

The passion we put in the projects we undertake, our expertise and motivation of our team of specialists are just a few of the assets that enable us implement quality systems.

Across the years we have optimised our activity so that we provide integrated solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, for all stages: prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, technical documentations for obtaining the planning permission, basic designs and detailed design in accordance with all standards and existing legislation for a wide array of fields.

I.     Underground or surface urban public transport infrastructure

Traffic safety and automation systems for underground and surface railway transport such as “Distance to go” or “CBTC”;

Command and remote control for metro or railway lines;

Real-time passenger information systems;

Automatic fare collection and control systems;

Fiber optic cable systems;

Radio telecommunication, data/voice transmission, CCTV, fire and intusion detection systems;

image002II.     Underground urban infrastructure (parkings, road tunnels, pedestrian passageways)

Emissions and fire detection systems;

Automated fare collection systems;

Passenger information systems – weather forecast, events, occupancy level, etc.;

Fiber optic, telecommunication, CCTV;

III.     Civil, industrial, social-administrative engineering

Access control systems;

Telecommunication, fiber optic, CCTV systems;

Fire and intrusion protection / detection systems;

IT systems;

Other automation systems.

The documentations for the above-mentioned systems consist of basic diagrams, block diagrams, location diagrams, connections diagram, technical reports, books of specifications, price descriptions, works and equipment lists, wiring schedules.

As far as Traffic Safety is concerned, we have prepared the documentations for Bucharest Metro Line 5 and Line 6 based on the latest CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) systems.

As regards Fire Detection, we have been involved in equipping all Bucharest Metro stations with VESDA detection systems (Very Early Smoke Detection by Absorption).

By combining modern methods with the most sustainable and viable technical and economic solutions, we work together with international traffic safety system manufacturers, from the preparation of basic designs to commissioning.

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